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Ink-jet printer with CISS.        400% more profit on each sale.

Start Business With INKSYSTEM™

Area of business: wholesale and retail of office machinery (ink-jet printers, plotters and all-in-ones) as well as compatible consumables for ink-jet printing in your city/country.

Business-model: franchising (official representative of the international company in your city/your country)

Investments: from 9.999 to 99.999 USD. More about investment business

Profitability: 400 to 500 per cent and more. More about high profit business

Recoupment Period: 3 to 7 months.

Take a look at the products at our Alibaba mini-site!

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More about Ink Business

What Is The Product

A core of business with INKSYSTEM is the distribution the following products:

We look for the partners in other countries of this world as we have already become successful in it's mane areas and would like to share our success.

Whether you already sell printers in your country or just deal with CISS selling, you can earn incredibly more in case you start to purchase your existing product range with us at better prices and complement it with what you lack in order to reach maximum. A complete range of printers, CISS and other consumables should become your product on the way to multiply your profit.

   CISS and Ink    Printers  
Total profit per month, $
Monthly sales, pcs Profit on a piece, $ Monthly profit, $  Monthly  sales,  pcs Profit on a piece, $ Monthly profit, $
You now 1 000 30 30 000  0 0 0 30 000
You with INKSYSTEM  2 000 30 60 000  1 000 50 50 000 110 000

Epson company prevents spreading this way to make business and earn money. They let you get and sell particular models only. Models that may not be combined with CISS or take commercial and time resources to adapt printers for CISS.The printers we offer are unique in terms of availability in your region.

With INKSYSTEM you get any model you think your customer will chose to save on printing. We adapt them for you and supply with everything you need. You also get the best quality consumables at the best prices.

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Market Perspectives of Printing Devices

World market of inkjet printers in 2012-2013 grew up to 40 bln. USD annually. In 2014 this figure can grow up to 45 bln. USD. The market share of inkjet printers with CISS and compatible cartridges growths up to about 50%, in some parts of the world – up to 70%. The market of printing devices is a promising and rapidly developing market. Analytical companies predict a further fast growth of the share of compatible (non-original) consumables in this market in the nearest future.

The sales trends of printing devices in 2003-2013 are illustrated below.


It is common knowledge that Epson is a world leader for inkjet printing.
In 2014, Epson plans to increase the market share of printers with original CISS (Epson L-series) to 75-90%, so you've got two options:

1) you quit the market (there is no printers that need CISS from you)

2) or you become supplying Epson pinters without CISS from abroad!

Second option lets you to earn money on each sale 4 times:

- on each printer

- on each CISS for it

- on each set of ink inside CISS

- on each next set of ink for this customer.

So you will sell at least twice more CISS and you will earn four times more on each sale!


Inkjet printer + CISS is a ready-to-use solutions for inkjet printing (“Ready solutions policy”) and is nowadays probably the most promising market segment in the field of computer technology. INKSYSTEM™ company is one of the leading companies in the market of inkjet printing worldwide.


After years of activity we gained great experience of manufacturing, distribution, installation and service assistance of compatible consumables for ink-jet printing that we share with our partners. INKSYSTEM™ company offers you to start your business with us in your city/country.

More about Market Perspectives and Growing Business


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