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Core of Business with INKSYSTEM

Under business with INKSYSTEM we mean an activity in wholesales and retail sales of inkjet printers with Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) and compatible consumables for ink-jet printing. CISS is a simple device which helps to lower the prime cost of each print in 30 times comparably to the original ink-jet cartridges. INKSYSTEM company nowadays is the most rapidly growing company in the market of printers trading worldwide. Our representatives get lower distribution prices and an opportunity to win up to 150 per cent margin,  strong advertising, technical and organizational support. More than 150 companies and private entrepreneurs from over 20 countries started cooperation with INKSYSTEM in last three years.

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How Much to Invest

This section gives brief description of essential investments for starting business in your region. In general, the volume of investments is determined by the wish of the certain company to make profit. The sum of expenditure can start from 9999 USD. Please find the detailed example of calculations of concept of co-operation in section ”Business-Plans”.

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Modern economics considers the average profit per 1 invested dollar of 30-50 cents for developing countries and 10-20 cents for developed countries. In business with INKSYSTEM this rate usually makes 2-3 dollars per 1 invested dollar, or 6-10 times more than average in any other business.

Definitely the recoupment period depends first of all on the activity of the entrepreneur himself. As well it depends on the correctly chosen place of the store, competition, amount of the available products, intelligent advertising etc. On average, the recoupment period varies from 3 to 7 months.

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Trade Credit

Trade credit, or payment deferment, allows active representatives to essentially increase sales volumes in their region. In other words, a representative office receives products and pays for it with some delay. Thus, our partner can use not only initially invested money and his current profits for extending his business, but assets of the head office as well. Such a scheme is profitable for both of our parties, however for applying a trade credit the representative has to meet some requirements and have constant positive retail results.

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In this section you can find two main concepts of cooperation with INKSYSTEM company in boarders of one country described in detail:

Each following concept includes the advantages of the previous one and allows enlarging profitability of the business. In this section we point out the main conditions of cooperation and show example calculations for estimating the profitability of each business concept.

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