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What is cooperation at the start-up period like?

When you decide to cooperate with INKSYSTEM and you have chosen your cooperation concept you become a new partner and go through a special training (full-time or distantly), you conclude an agreement and make the first procurement purchase of the products. Along with the first delivery the partners receive a package of advertising materials additionally. With that the contact information of our partners is placed on all the company’s internet-resources and printed advertising materials.

What investments are necessary to open a representative office?

It depends on the country and the chosen co-operation concept, the investments may vary from 9,999 to 25,000 USD. 9,999 is the minimum start-up capital recommended for purchasing the products to provide their on-spot availability. We provide our partners with product loan and free exchange of the products from INKSYSTEM company.

What contributions are to be paid to INKSYSTEM?

None. We provide our partners with all needed to let him concentrate on sales and do good turnovers. The best result for us is your good sales results.

How long does it take to reimburse the invested money?

The following factors influence the reimbursement: successfully selected location of the representative office, amount of the money invested, advertising and marketing skills, staff competence, demand for the product in a certain region, etc. On average, the project is repaid in 3-7 months.

Will I have to find the premises or will you do that for me?

The search for premises is to be acomplished by the partner himself. The partner is supposed to have premises (either his/her own or rented) as the availability of premises (owned or rented) will considerably intensify opening of a representative office. At our end, using our experience, we can consult you how to select premises.

What are the terms of the contract?

The contract is concluded for three years. If both parties agree the contract can be prolonged.

What do printer manufacturers say about CISS?

Printer producing companies (Epson, Canon, HP, Brother) in many ways try to prevent customers from purchasing and installing CISS. After price decrease for printers almost down to the prime cost (because of acute competition on the market of printing devices) the only way for the printer producers to earn money is to sell ridiculously expensive original consumables. So, if a person buys CISS he saves money on buying a printer and doesn’t overpay to the printer producer as he does not buy original cartridges. Printer producers are trying to hold CISS distribution, but from the legal point of view they can do nothing because a) the customer takes the decision to use and install CISS on his own property (printer, all-in-one, plotter); b) a CISS is not a fake imitation with a logo of a printer producer, but a product of a different trade mark compatible with a certain printer. Thus all the legal matters are settled.

What do printer manufacturers do to prevent selling CISS?

In the struggle against CISS printer producers act in the 2 following ways: from the technological and marketing points of view. In the first case printer producers try to protect themselves by installing chips on cartridges - at first 7-contact ones, then 9-contact ones (you can learn more about the matter during the training). They also introduce protection by lessening the space inside a printer in order to complicate installation of the trail, etc. In terms of marketing they promote propaganda of mythical economy of original cartridges, tell thrilling stories about printers spoilt after installing CISS. However, the increase of CISS sales proves that suppliers of alternative consumables are developing faster.

Can I try to take and sell the goods to see if it works out?  

No, you can’t. Cooperation of the company with the representative will be realized upon mutual agreement. As it has been proved before, if a person does not invest his/her own money into growing business, he does not have a stimulation to work hard. If you decided to earn than it will not be a big problem to find 9,999 USD for the first purchase. And if the wish to work and earn is not your priority, than our company should not be on your list.

I want to receive “exclusive rights” in my region. What should I do for that?

You should become a regional partner. The conditions and advantages of being INKSYSTEM partner are stated in agreement which have to be acquired from INKSYSTEM manager.

Do you provide a guarantee for your product?

Yes, we do. We provide with 3 year warranty for ink, 1 year for CISS. For printers there is according to the official warranty period from EPSON company. You can exchange spare parts free in the case of guarantee. Adherence to guarantee conditions is one of the crucial points of the Contract. INKSYSTEM company cares for each customer’s opinion.

How can I deliver the goods?

You can pick the goods up from 3 different port at your convenience:

- Los Angeles

- Hongkong

- Yokogama

In other cases shipping depends on the fares of the transport companies and weight of cargo. We can organize delivery at your request, send the enquiry of the qutation.


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