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Epson ink original cartriges wanted!

Epson's new office inkjets have a secret weapon: fast PrecisionCore printheads

Five Best Home Printers

Epson Supports Android KitKat Native Printing for Easy Mobile Printing Anywhere, Anytime


Epson at Eco-Products International Fair 2014



Epson ink original cartriges wanted!

Are you dealing with Epson original / genuine / starter ink cartridges ?!

Reduce your printing costs with us!

INKSYSTEM Corporation looking for original starter cartridges for Epson printers on a regular basis. Only original (no copy, remanufactured or compatible) never used cartridges are accepted.

Actually the seller and the buyer don’t need these cartridges, because:

- there is very few of ink

- when you put CISS or compatible cartridges, you don’t need original starter cartridges

- you can earn from $5 to $40 usd per each set!

We are ready to buy around 20 000 sets per month!

Please contact us to start business together! 


Epson's new office inkjets have a secret weapon: fast PrecisionCore printheads

I pity the fool who bought a cheap color laser. As the pages crawl out, and the pricey toner supplies run empty, it’s already too late to point out that a $400 inkjet offers better speed, print quality, and consumables costs than a like-priced color laser can ever hope to achieve.

The latest proof comes in the form of Epson’s new office-class WorkForce inkjets. They look like any other printer, but they have something new to the category: Epson’s PrecisionCore printhead. 

The PrecisionCore print chip packs 600 nozzles per inch, and 800 per tiny chip. The drop size is extremely small—1.5 to 24 picoliters—the better to print crisp output.

Epson can build them into printhead arrays of varying size. For industrial applications, a PrecisionCore printhead might span the entire page width. HP already does this with its PageWide technology, available currently on the Officejet Enterprise Pro x585.

Epson’s new WorkForce models use moveable PrecisionCore printheads. Epson claims print speeds up to 20 ppm for both color and black pages. That's a darn sight faster than a cheap color laser. We're testing one in PCWorld's lab right now and will tell you soon whether Epson's numbers hold up to real-world scenarios.

The new multifunction printers all print, copy, and scan. Two-sided printing is standard, which is great for saving paper (though it can sometimes slow print speed).

The two WorkForce models are designed for small or home offices.The WorkForce WF-3620 costs just $170 and offers a 250-sheet main input tray plus a rear feed for thicker media. Two-sided printing is automatic, and a 35-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF) makes it easy to scan multi-page documents using the top scanner unit.

The $200 WorkForce WF-3640 adds fax capability, a second paper tray, and a larger, 3.5-inch touchscreen on the control panel.

The WorkForce Pro models are designed for workgroups, with higher capacities and speeds to match. The WorkForce Pro WF-4630 ($300) has a 250-sheet main tray and an 80-sheet rear-feed tray, plus a 3.5-inch touchscreen display. Epson claims it has a monthly duty cycle of 30,000 pages.

The WorkForce Pro WF-4640 ($400) adds another 250-sheet input tray over the WF-4630. Its touchscreen interface increases to 4.3 inches in diagonal width. Fax comes standard.

The ink costs look very affordable. Cartridges for the WorkForce printers cost $30-$35 and last 1100 pages, or 2.7 to 3.2 cents per color, per page. The WorkForce Pro printers have higher-capacity cartridges and therefore lower ink prices: 1.6 cents to 2.2 cents per color, per page, based on cartridge prices of $42-$44 and yields of 2000 to 2600 pages.

All of the WorkForce and WorkForce Pro lines include Wi-Fi compatibility and a well-developed suite of wireless and mobile printing features, including Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print support, plus mobile apps for printing on the go.

Epson's new business product line has plenty to recommend it, and we'll be publishing our full review in the near future. Color laser fans, give these printers a fair hearing; they offer a compelling counterpoint to the office laser status quo.


Five Best Home Printers

Here are the five models that rose to the top of the pack, thanks to your votes and nominations (in no particular order): 

Epson WorkForce WF-3540

The Epson WF-3540 is a powerful Wi-Fi multifunction printer, scanner, fax, and copier that's also relatively fast (15 pages/min black, 9 pages/min color), both when printing in color and in black and white. It also prints from and scans to USB devices and memory cards plugged in to its onboard ports. If you configure it to connect to some network storage or a shared PC, you can scan documents directly to your computer with it as well. You can also print to it over the network and from mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, as it's AirPrint and Google Cloud Print compatible (or you can use Epson's own apps to connect to it directly). It's an inkjet, so you'll need to be ready to pony up for ink on a regular basis, but beyond that, it's a solid device, especially if you're looking to stock a home office with one device that can handle all of your document management needs. Read a more detailed list of specs here (click specifications).P

Those of you who nominated the Epson WF-3540 noted that it's a solid printer that's well reviewed and well regarded, and several of you shared your own experiences with the unit. Overall, you praised its reliability and wireless capabilities, making it a great printer to put in the corner of your home office without a bunch of cables or wires everywhere, but that could still communicate with all of your devices. Almost all of you mentioned that it's the kind of printer that seems like it should cost much more than it does, and one of you noted that you can even use generic ink cartridges with it and not see a dip in performance. If you want one, it'll set you back $130 at Amazon. You can read more about it in its nomination thread here, and if you're looking for a slightly more "business" option that's still a great bang for the buck, the Epson Workforce Pro 4530 was also nominated here

Brother HL-2270DW

If you're looking for a rock solid, no frills, get-it-done printer that's cheap and reliable, the Brother HL-2270DW was a popular choice in the call for contenders round. Many of you noted that it may not have a wealth of features, but it's a super-affordable black-and-white laser printer that'll print endlessly before you have to bother to change it, which keeps overall cost of ownership at a minimum. It was The Wirecutter's pick for best cheap printer until very recently, and still highly recommended by them. It's a great pick by all accounts, too—it's fast (up to 27 pages/min), it's cheap, and it's even wireless and can be used in connection with mobile devices thanks to Brother's mobile printing apps. It even features a space-saving design that' means you don't have to dedicate half of your desk or an entire piece of furniture just to holding your printer—it's small enough to fit in a relatively small space. 

The HL-2270DW was popular in the nominations round, with most of you praising it for being not just super-fast, but also super-cheap to buy and to operate—explaining it can print close to 2600 pages on a single toner cartridge. You praised its "toner saving mode," which the printer shifts into when it's starting to run low, and you noted that while the printer retails at around $100, it's usually available cheaper—closer to $80 or so when it's on sale. Some of you praised the fact that while many printer manufacturers only pay attention to Windows and OS X users, Brother consistently gives Linux users some love, too. If you want one right now, you can pick it up for $95 at Amazon. Don't just take our word for it, read the nomination thread for it yourself and see. If you need a scanner/copier along with your laser printer, consider the Brother HL-2280DW, which earned a ton of nominations in its own right.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8600

Even though it's just been discontinued (seriously just discontinued in the past month or so—the successor is the HP OfficeJet Pro 8610), this all-in-one Wi-Fi printer, scanner, fax, and copier earned high praise in the nominations round. It's a color inkjet too, so you have to factor in ink costs, but it definitely packs in the features. It packs WebOS on the color control panel, which means you can download mini "apps" to the printer to automate or streamline common tasks like photo editing and touch-up before printing, or document management. It can print from USB devices and SD cards, can scan to USB devices or network drives, and can print up to 18 pages/minute black and 13 pages/min color. Printing via mobile apps required HP ePrint, or Apple AirPrint compatible devices. 

Those of you who nominated the OfficeJet Pro 8600 noted it's a rock-solid printer that's reliable, even for an inkjet, and when properly configured, will even let you print over the internet from other locations or devices. You can get an email on your phone, forward it to a special email address, and the printer will take it from there. You also praised those WebOS "apps," which turn the printer into a kind of personal assistant that will do things like print documents, news, and other information for you automatically on a regular basis without you having to do it manually. You also noted that it used to be expensive, but now it's on par with other printers in the lineup, around the $100 price point, especially when on sale. If you want one, Amazon has them for $125 with free Prime shipping, although HP has them direct for $119(with free standard shipping). Depending on when you need it and your shipping costs, direct may be your best bet. 

Brother MFC-7420 

If style isn't an issue, the Brother MFC-7420 earned enough nominations to make the top five—even though it's long discontinued and even those of you who nominated it and commented on it were...less than kind about its looks. To be fair, the beige case and purple button look is certainly dated, but even though it won't win any design awards, it's a rock solid printer—if you can find one. It's been discontinued, and while you can get them used cheap at Amazon, the successor is the Brother MFC7360 Multifunction Laser. For its part, the 7420 is a capable multifunction laser, although it's definitely a member of an older generation—it's slower, only connects via USB (or USB-to-network adapter), and it's a workhorse. The MFC7360N, on the other hand, supports networking via Ethernet, prints at 24 pages/minute, and looks a sight better than its predecessor. 

In the nominations thread, a few of you shared your love for the old 7420, mentioning it was a rock solid unit, and one of you even noting you scored one at Goodwill with a full toner cartridge and it's served you well ever since. One of you noted that by connecting it directly to a Wi-Fi enabled computer, you can share it out to other devices, and even print via mobile apps thanks to desktop software like HandyPrint. You can read more about it in the nominations thread here, and if you're not lucky enough to find one, the MFC7360 is available at Amazon for $149.

Epson WorkForce WF-2540

The Epson WF-2540 is a compact, fast, affordable printer that also packs Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Even though it's small, it's still an all-in-one, and capable of scanning, copying, and faxing, not to mention printing from USB and SD cards and scanning to USB devices and network drives. It's not the fastest, printing at about 9 pages/min black and 7 pages/min color, and it's an inkjet, but the like many of the others here, the ink comes in individual cartridges and is affordable to replace. It also features a big, bright 2.5-inch LCD control screen, which is ideal if you need to make some settings tweaks or changes to photos before you print them. It also supports wireless printing via Google Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint, or Epson's own wireless printing apps. You can read a more detailed list of specs here (click on specifications).

Those of you who nominated it praised two things mainly—it's low price, around the $100 mark, and the low price of its ink cartridges, about $13 each for color ones—which is pretty cheap considering. You also mentioned its wireless and email-to-printer options as great ways to get documents off of your phone or tablet and right to the printer without hassle or having to sit down at the computer first. If you're interested in one, you can pick up a WF-2540 for $90 at Amazon, and read more about it in its nomination thread here


Epson Supports Android KitKat Native Printing for Easy Mobile Printing Anywhere, Anytime

Committed to driving simple wireless printing anywhere, anytime, Epson America, Inc. today announced support for Android™ Printing, the native printing platform introduced in Android KitKat (version 4.4). With Android Printing, mobile users can effortlessly print documents, photos, web pages, and emails – without the need for a dedicated printing app. Over 60 new and legacy Epson Connect-enabled printers and all-in-ones now offer built-in printing support from manufacturers including Google®, HTC®, and Samsung®.

We applaud Google’s introduction of Android Printing as a huge milestone that makes mobile printing easier for both users and app developers,” said Patrick Chen, product manager of mobile connectivity, Epson America, Inc. “That’s why Epson is proud to embrace Android Printing with support for both new and legacy printers as far back as 2008. Now with just a few taps, KitKat users can print to Epson printers from a number of pre-installed Google apps today with the promise of print support from a whole new generation of apps available on Google Play™.” 

Android Printing enables Android device users to print seamlessly without the need for a specific printing app. Users can discover available printers, change paper sizes and choose specific pages to print. Following a download of the free Epson Print Enabler and a few simple steps, users can easily print emails, photos, web content and important business documents to any compatible Epson printer model from Chrome™, Drive™, Gallery™, Gmail™, Photos™, and Quickoffice™ Apps as well as new apps available on Google Play™.

Epson Connect™ mobile printing solutions makes it easier and more powerful than ever for users to print documents, photos, emails and web pages from anywhere in the world using an Epson Connect-enabled printer and a tablet, smartphone, or computer.1 In addition, Epson is a member of the Mopria Alliance, further underscoring its ongoing dedication to advancing mobile printing standards that allow users to easily and conveniently print regardless of brand, device or operating system.



Editors and journalists from photography magazines around the world have recognized two Epson products in the prestigious TIPA Awards 2014. The winning Epson products this year were the Epson Expression Photo XP-950, which was named "Best Photo Printer," and the Epson EH-TW7200, which won the award for "Best Photo Projector."

TIPA - the Technical Image Press Association - judges the innovation, technology, design, ease-of-use and price-to-performance ratio of products launched in a 12-month period to develop a shortlist and winner for each award category.

Ian Cameron, general manager for global sales and marketing support at Epson, commented, "TIPA members are all experts in the field and therefore select products according to the strictest standards. The panel has a huge variety of choice so we are very proud to learn that Epson products have once again been selected for these much valued awards."

With members in nine European countries plus Australia, Canada, China, India, South Africa and the USA, TIPA is one of the largest and most influential photographic and imaging press associations in the world. Winning the two 2014 awards means that Epson has now received a total of 34 awards from TIPA for technologies and imaging products, including inkjet printers, inks, scanners and projectors, since 1997.

Product citations

The award-winning products received the following citations from TIPA:

        Epson Expression Photo XP-950

"The Epson Expression Photo XP-950 takes the "all-in-one" concept (a multifunction printer that, in the XP-950, includes text and photo printing, scanning and copying) to a new level with 11x17 inch capability using Claria Photo HD six-colour inks. Delivering 4 x 6 inch photos in less than 10 seconds, the unit also allows for wireless printing from phone, tablet or computer plus mobile solutions using the Epson Connect collection of apps. Scans up to 4800 dpi are available, as well as direct CD/DVD printing and adedicated photo paper tray. A dedicated rear tray allows for printing on heavier card stock and a 3.5-inch LCD with "gesture" navigation helps the user make use of all functions and features quickly and easily."

Epson at Eco-Products International Fair 2014

   Eco-Products International Fair 2014, the largest environmental exhibition in Asia, was held at the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall earlier this year. The Epson booth was a popular stop at this event, which was jointly organized by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) and Taiwan's Bureau of Foreign Trade.

  Interest in environmental action has been mounting in Asia in recent years owing to a series of disasters caused by extreme weather patterns. Taiwan, which has a strong market for environmental goods, was chosen to host this year's Eco-Products International Fair (EPIF), now in its ninth year. Epson had a solid presence at EPIF, with Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd., Epson Singapore Pte., Ltd. and Seiko Epson presenting exhibits that highlighted Epson's efforts to create eco-considerate products in new business areas and to help realize a sustainable society.

  We depicted mileposts in Epson's development, starting with the seminal EP-101, the world's first small, lightweight digital printer. We also drew attention to the environmental benefits of Epson's compact, energy-saving, and high-precision technologies and explained that Epson is expanding beyond consumer markets and into the business, industrial, sports and personal healthcare sectors.

  The Epson booth was divided into four areas: "compact and light," "recycling," "new perspectives," and "personal healthcare and sports." In each area we explained how the environmental performance of Epson products creates customer value, and introduced the enabling technologies.

  In the "compact and light" area, we highlighted our latest inkjet all-in-ones for the home, which are substantially smaller and lighter in weight than equivalent models from the previous year. We explained how using fewer parts, achieving higher transportation efficiency, making more efficient use of space, and reducing waste materials contributed to the reduction of environmental impacts across the entire product life cycle. 

  In the "recycling" area, we showcased the L550, a high-capacity ink tank printer for emerging markets that is highly affordable yet provides outstanding print quality. Epson was awarded an International Green Classics Award (Green Product Award) by the organizers of EPIF in recognition of the significantly lower environmental impact of this product.

  The exhibit in the "new perspectives" area featured demo printing by a SureColor F2000 garment printer and designer clothing patterned using a textile printer. In addition to emphasizing the print speed, image quality, and variety of output made possible by Epson's Micro Piezo inkjet technology, we explained how inkjet textile printers are revolutionizing the textile printing process and reducing environmental impacts through less waste.

  In the personal healthcare and sports area, we showed off some products that capitalize on Epson's unique sensing technology, such as sports and heart-rate monitors that benefit athletes and the increasing number of people at risk from lifestyle-related illnesses. Visitors to the booth were given a chance to try out an Epson pulse monitor. Worn on the wrist, these energy-efficient, multifunction pulse monitors operate for an extended period of time on a single charge.

  Epson's booth attracted visitors from Taiwan, mainland China, India, Singapore, Europe, the Americas, and other corners of the globe. We surveyed visitors to find out their interests and concerns with respect to the environment and to hear what types of products and services they would like to see in the future. We will use the findings to develop activities and provide products and services that meet regional needs.





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