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INKSYSTEM offers you a unique concept: printer with CISS/compatible cartridges

Market Perspectives

The growth of print devices market has become a phenomenon during the past decade. Since late nineties the number of sold ink-jet printers has increased several times thanks to overlapping markets of digital cameras and PCs. The growing demand for printers gave rise to demand for more affordable consumables. Today alternative (compatible, non-original) consumables, CISS in particular, are gaining more and more popularity all over the world. Huge savings provided by such consumables and their affordability undoubtedly make the ink-jet printer users prefer them to expensive original consumable materials.

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Who is Our Customer

It is important to work out a sales strategy and define the target customers to provide the highest service level. In this section you can find some information about those who will become your customers for INKSYSTEM™ products and learn about how INKSYSTEM Company protects interests of our customers.

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Product Range

INKSYSTEM company core competence consists of four main product groups: CISS, Ink, Photopaper and Refillable cartridges. All the products by INKSYSTEM™ stand out by their high quality, original design and formulas, brand-name packing, mix of support etc. You can learn more about each product type in section “Product Range”.

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Quality and Price

When choosing original or alternative consumables one of the main criteria is price-quality relationship. The products by INKSYSTEM™ satisfies the highest quality criteria. In this section you will find out how to make money on quality product of INKSYSTEM company.

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What is CISS?

CISS or Continuous Ink Supply System is a device which helps to lower the prime cost of each print in 20-30 times. In 1993-1994 practically no one heard of CISS, while today the production of continuous ink supply systems is an entire industry with rapid growth rates, determined by high popularity and tremendous demand for these thrifty devices. In this section you can learn more about continuous printing, installation of the device, as well as advantages of CISS by INKSYSTEM™.

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