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Nowadays the popularity of compatible consumables is caused by spreadness of ink-jet printing devices. Banks, schools, companies of various business activities, photo-studios and home users are using ink-jet printing devices and correspondently consumables.

INKSYSTEM company offers to open your own business with a small business start up сapital. The business deals with selling ink-je printers with alternative consumables for printing.

Who will buy INKSYSTEM products

End customers.   Today there is an ink-jet printer almost in every home. Installing CISS on the home ink-jet printer will give the user a possibility to save 20 times more on each print. The people will share such pleasant news with their friends and acquaintances. As a result, your data base of customers will be constantly growing and you will receive advertising support. After turning to you once the person will return for the second order. A stable business is a good profit.

Photo-studios.   Where else should people know and value the prime cost of each print? Photo-studios use high quality printing equipment, a huge amount of consumables besides they are a powerful free visual CISS advertiser.

Computer shops.   If you are ready to work with minimum profits or even reach a zero level at the beginning for the purpose of increasing the turnover and getting a bigger discount from the head office soon, than you move in the right direction. Computer shops will gladly become your customers.

Private offices.  It is very well known that in the majority of offices they use black-and-white printers, that is why laser printers are preferred. However, at the same time in many departments there are ink-jet printers for color printing. These very departments are your clients. By making an agreement with them you will be able to supply them with a printing machine with consumables.

Prompt polygraphies.   Both as in central cities, as in regions there are a lot of companies offering a wide range of services in operative printing: production of business cards, postcards, blanks, envelopes, invitation cards, various promotional materials. These companies are your potential customers, because operative polygraphy is full-colored as a rule. Their advantages of using CISS and alternative ink for them are low initial expenses, so there are no considerable funds frozen in consumables; the price-performance ratio replaces expensive digital photographic studio machines.

Promotional products producers.  Ink-jet printers with CISS are widely used by the companies specializing in manufacturing of promotional products with photographs, like cups, T-shirts etc. Production of promotional products is based on the technology of thermo-transferring with the use of sublimation ink and papers of special kind.

Plastic cards producers.  Using CISS in plastic cards production essentially diminishes the prime cost and lets you win a good tender.

Your question whether these products are easy-to-sell in your country can be easily answered. The end customer saves 97% of printing costs. Each page he prints. For example, if he used to pay $1000 each year for original cartridges, with CISS he has to pay only $30 without any loss of quality and saving printer’s warranty.

Cost of ink for a full-color print of 10*15 cm size with original cartridges is $0,14.

Cost of ink for a full-color print of 10*15 cm size with CISS is $0.003. See calculations


Protection of our partners’ interests

We do NOT sell directly to the cities where our partners are based, quite the opposite, we re-direct the coming orders from these regions to our partners.

We do NOT grant any special conditions until our partners show certain results in their sales activity in thier region.

Each representative is protected against price dumping from the side of the new partners by our strict control over the unified retail prices for all our representatives in every country.

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