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Market Perspectives

Market of consumables as well as cartridge refill business is a rapidly growing in the whole world. The perspectives of alternative consumables sales and marketing strategy can be regarded in two aspects: on the one hand, it is growth of the market of ink-jet printers, and on the other, it is change demand's for original and non-original consumables among the users of ink-jet printers. All this objectives push to start business on developing market, and the earlier you enter the market, the less investment it needs and the more high margin business you are able to build.

The ink-jet printers sales increase throughout the world. Printers and All-In-One market is a developing market, the perspectives of which are caused by spreading of digital photo-cameras and printing among users at home and it's attracted more customers. For the past three years the number of sold printers has increased by 13-15% and were attracted more potential customers . Starting from the third quarter of 2009 the sales are steadily growing and have already reached the level which was before the crisis.

The developing market of consumables for printers is the main reason for INKSYSTEM company to conquer new markets and attract new customers. Taking into consideration ink-jet printers and all-in-one market growing we can surely expect very good perspectives for it. Despite the fact that alternative consumables are comparatively new market products it is a developing market with a huge potential. Especially, whether we know how to attract customers.



With the crisis beginning many people started to analyze their expenditure and use qualitative compatible consumables. All this inevitably affected the growth of market of CISS and ink positively and it helps in finding new customers.

INKSYSTEM company  is very interesting in a new reliable partnership to enter new market and to get new customers, thanks to special strategies to attract customers.

Three nearest years there are following way of CISS market development: the market will rapidly expand as a result of ink-jets sales growth and due to users’ conversion to compatible consumables.

The internal market structure is changing as well. If three years ago 70% of deliveries and sales were realized by minor enterprises, today the percentage of such enterprises makes up not more than 20%. According to the company’s prediction, by the end of 2014 80% of sales will be realized through 3-4 large companies with a better representatives’ support in regions and the final users of the product.

The growing and developing market of alternative consumables gives us the right to expect positive perspectives of the market growth in future.

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