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The high product quality lies in the basis of the company’s activity. When comparing the prime cost of a single print with an original cartridges the users of our products receive 10 to 30-times saving, or up to 97 per cent saving together with the unchangeable high quality of the print.

However, the crucial question when choosing original and non-original consumables remains the price-quality relationship. INKSYSTEM company has the aim to guarantee no less qualitative printing result than use original cartridges.


To realize this goal every day a tremendous work is done on each kind of products.

The samples of color-profiles can be downloaded on the company’s site, in section “Services” you can order individual color-profile.


If you decided to start CISS business with small investment and are looking for the lowest wholesale prices, you are going in the wrong direction. Please do not waste your and our time on useless negotiations. If you try harder you can find lower prime-costs.

INKSYSTEM company offers a completely different business approach. The main target is buying cheaper and earning more along with acquiring more satisfied customers.

One can buy something for 1 dollar and sell it for 2. When selling 10 items the profit makes up 10 dollars. Also one can buy something for 1,5 dollar and sell it for 3. Here a higher cost is explained by the higher quality and better service. Due to the powerful advertising support from the head office the sales will make up not 10 but 20 pcs. Thus, the profit you will get, will be 20*1,5=30 dollars.

Besides, starting cooperation with INKSYSTEM you get a product from an interational trade mark, technical and information support, product loans and many other advantages which cannot be offered by “no-name” brands.

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