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All the products by INKSYSTEM are brand new and have brand-name packing. The trade mark INKSYSTEM represents 4 main product groups for ink-jet printing: ink-jet printers, CISS, ink, and refillable cartridges.


Printer + CISS/compatible cartriges

INKSYTEM Corp. as opposed to other companies in the CISS market has an ongoing offer “Printer+CISS/compatible catriges”.  The customer has an opportunity to choose among some ready-to-use solutions for inkjet printing. Each bundle consists of a printer, an all-in-one or a plotter + pre-installed CISS filled by INKSYSTEM™ inks. The partial price of the printer itself is the lowest in the market. Customer receives the installation, first print testing, one pack of photo paper 10x15 and an option to install a ICC-profile for his printer absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.


“Ready solutions” policy helped INKSYSTEM Corp. win the confidence of our customers and therewith the major part of the mature CISS market of the FSU countries.

INKSYSTEM™ products are in-demand and really recognizable!



CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) is a device which allows to get a considerable saving of ink on each print when printing on an ink-jet printer, all-in-one or a plotter.


The essence of the CISS function lies in the fact that the ink, by means of a multi-channel train connecting the donor containers with the cartridges, is continuously supplied to the printing head. When using CISS the consumer reseives a 20-time saving on eachprintin comparison with the original consumables.

The installation of CISS does not require thealteration in the construction of a printer and usually takes 10 minutes.

More about CISS

What makes CISS by INKSYSTEM stand out of CISS by other manufacturers



INKSYSTEM Inks are produced in Southern Korea on the basis of innovative technologies due to which maximally qualitative color rendering in continuous use with now harm for the printing head of the printer is guaranteed.


INKSYSTEM company makes different ink types: photo-ink, ink for sublimation printing, pigment, ultra-chromed, ecosolvent and invisible types of ink. Each ink type is worked out in such a way that the ink structure suits most of printers of such trademarks as Epson, Canon, HP, Brother. Ink by INKSYSTEM is a worthy alternative to the original consumables and refers to one of the best products in terms of quality in the world.

The users are recommended to use the ink of the same producer in order to ensure the long and reliable operation of the printer.


Refillable Cartridges

The only difference of refillable cartridges from the original ones is the zeroized chip. That means the quality of the cartridge remains unchanged while it can be refilled up to hundreds of times, and there is no need to take the cartridge out of the printer.


By using products united under the same trade mark for printing the user gets perfect quality of the image and provides his printer with reliable operation.

As for the distributor of such a product, s/he obtains a pleased and satisfied customer who returns many times to purchase inks and photographic-paper and takes his friend with him.

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