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Ink-jet printer with CISS. 20-multiple saving. On each print.

What is CISS

CISS, or Continuous Ink Supply System, is a device which allows to bring down expenditure for printing on an ink-jet printer, plotter or All-In-One. By installing CISS ink system on an ink-jet printer you will get excellent printing quality and huge printing cost saving.


A CISS consists of cartridges, similar to the original ones, multi-channel trails connecting the donor-containers for inks with cartridges and respective ink containers (reservoirs). CISS functioning mechanism is simple. During the printing process inks are consumed. As a result there is a rarefaction appearing in the cartridges. A CISS is fully geometric (the system is designed by the communicating vessels principle), that is why the rarefaction is compensated for by the ink arrival into the cartridges along the multi-channel trails. In such a way constant ink availability in the printing head is provided.

Using CISS ink system gives a 30-time saving of expenditure on each print.

Using CISS ink systems helps to get 20 to 30-time saving on each print as comparied to the original consumables.




The history of CISS dates back into the early 90-s. The first application of the continuous ink supply system is dated 1993-1994. First CISS was installed on NovaJet plotters by EnCad company. The most interesting fact is that the construction principle which existed at that moment is still being used in the modern CISS in spite of the fact that the given principle was distinguished by a mere simplicity: the ink jars were connected with the printing head with the help of tubes (today it has been substituted by a more convenient and “elegant” trail).

At the beginning ink systems were produced solely by third-rank companies, but in 1996 the event which is considered as the starting point in history of such systems happened: development company EnCad produces plotters (two models) with already built-in continuous ink supply system. After that year by year CISS ink systems have been perfected, innovative technologies assist the system to conquer the market of consumables not only by the possibility to save but by the quality as well!

No one could anticipate what scales could be reached by creating continuous ink supply systems. In 2003 CISS ink system was optimized for ink-jet printers.

Today CISS has won popularity in many countries of the world. Many people know that the given abbreviation is a symbol of huge saving when printing. However, the main thing is not to lose in terms of quality while saving printing costs.

For INKSYSTEM company this idea – a good quality for affordable money – became the same as the apple for Newton. The company is rapidly developing due to the high product quality and prices. The number of partners is growing unbelievably fast day by day.

Advantages of our systems

CISS by INKSYSTEM are uniquely designed which provides our devices with maximum steadiness on a table. Our CISS are also portable.

Like the other products of our company, the inks by INKSYSTEM are produced in South Korea using innovative ultra-modern technologies, which makes our ink highly qualitative (97-98 per cent of correspondence with the original consumables) and excellent color rendering while making no damage to print heads that make them best ink for continuous use.

The construction is made of polycarbonate which considerable excels plastic in terms of solidity (even slate can be produced of this material!) which guarantees effective protection from cracks and ink leak to the system.

Up to 2 years warranty for INKSYSTEM products

Even with mechanic damages tube's high flexibility and solidity guarantees effective protection against ink leak.

All CISS ink system have zeroized chips inside which allows to print without concern.

Installation of CISS

INKSYSTEM company sells printers, plotters and all-in-one with pre-installed continuous ink supply systems. CISS ink systems istallation on ink-jet printers usually takes 10-20 minutes and does not require any professional skills and alteration of the printing device construction itself, while the operation terms of CISS is almost unlimited.

There are two kinds of CISS: cartridge-like and capsule-like. Regarding the matter which of them is better, it should be mentioned that each of them has its own advantages. The cartridge-like CISS  unlike the capsule-like one, is easily installed on an ink-jet printer by any user withing a couple of minutes without having any professional skills. Installing the capsule-like continous ink refill will take a non-professional user more time, however it still can be done at home using the printed or video-instruction manual.

Please watch the presentation video clip on installing CISS INKSYSTEM here:


A one-year guarantee is applied to all CISS by INKSYSTEM. There is a strong basis of technical support at INKSYSTEM company. Its staff will always help to solve any kind of dificulties free of charge.

Installation of CISS from INKSYSTEM usually takes 10-20 minutes and does not require any alteration of printer construction.

The continuous ink refill from INKSYSTEM are produced on the basis of innovative technologies of high-quality materials. An instant adjustment of each detail is made. Due to such an approach we provide excellent quality of the final product and simplicity of the CISS guarantee service as well as post-guarantee period.

The full assortment of CISS INKSYSTEM with photos, prices and descriptions can be seen at the internet-store the most frequently visited internet-store of ink and CISS sales.

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