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Education and technical support


Training of supervisors and employees of new representative offices is held  via Skype web-conversation.

The training consists of the main blocks (parts):

  1. Market of consumables and the advantages of our product.
  2. Marketing and advertising: how to sell more.
  3. Servicing: collaboration with a service engineer, peculiarities of service and installation, typical questions asked by clients.

A special educational programm was issued for representatives from remote regions and partners from other countries. On this programm you can find a short text of service training with our leading service manager.

Technical support

The business of alternative printing consumables requires certain technical skills. It is obligatory to know how to install a CISS on a certain printer model correctly, what the user should do and should not do, clients' FAQs, making and installing the color profile, how to do the zeroing of the chip, how to eject and to discharge pampers etc.

We will help to answer all these questions. We can be proud without any exaggeration that for the present moment the company can share obviously the biggest amount of useful information on installing and service of CISS, as we have always emphasized quality and service.

Here are the ways to obtain technical support:
  1. To attend the training course (in the office or distantly): sections “Product” and “Service”.
  2. To turn to the central service-center of your country (a phone call, an email, etc). They will help you, explain and tell everything, and send you photographs if necessary.
  3. To study the information in the site or in the company’s e-store. Both sources contain a considerable amount of data about the product types on the whole and about each type of product in particular.
  4. To look through the topics in the forum. At present the forum is one of the most visited resources in FSU countries on this topic: a lot of questions are being asked and answered. If your question is still not asked, then ask it by yourself! The administrators and other users will help you to understand the problem and solve it.
  5. To study the installation instructions of CISS on different models in section ”Instructions” in the e-store.
  6. To watch video clips (with general information and clips on certain models) on the company’s official video channel (more than 200 video clips, the widest topical selection in internet).


INKSYSTEM Corp. guarantees reliable quality and stable work of our products. If the purchased item becomes partly or fully disabled during the warranty period, we do all our best to give all the needed support to our partners and operative and qualitative help to our customers for their full satisfaction with their purchase.

In warranty cases customers get quick and qualified service and of course it is absolutely free of charge. Warranty term is set up to 24 months from the date of retail sale of the product. Every product is attached with a warranty service coupon.

The installation of CISS is accomplished by our partners for FREE. It is extreamly important to avoid the false functioning of the system and is at the same moment a powerful marketing ploy for attracting new customers.

The exchange of the product if any defects are found can be applied after the respective conclusion of the service manager of the INKSYSTEM authorized partner.
More about warranty and service of INKSYSTEM™ products you can learn here.

Exchange of unsold commodity

If there are some difficulties to sell specific items in your market, the partner can apply an exchange of this item for another one of higher demand but not later than in 3 months after shipping. The procedure of the exchange is to discuss with your contact manager of the head office. 

The authorized partner has an opportunity to exchange any INKSYSTEM™ product for sale. This option essentially decreases the probability of the unnecessary overstocking.

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