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You make a wholesale purchase of printers with CISS. We provide you with our website that is the best tool in selling the product. Everything is taken in consideration you should just use in a proper way. Translate the website to your local language and start promotion. All the rest is to fulfil your stock as soon as you sell 50% of the goods that were purchased. By replenishing inventory in stock you increase your sales and your profit.

INKSYSTEM supplies our customers with all they would need: you can use any video you think will help inpromotion, all the advertizing materials will be sent. You can come to obtain the education to one of our offices in Easten Europe and bring some one of your technical staff.

Several useful tips to open a representative office

Choosing location. The best variant of choosing the location for opening an office is the immediate proximity to potential customers. It means that you should choose a place in crowdy streets next to computer shops and service centers or in business centers. You can either open a separate office or agree on sub-renting with some popular computer shop. At the beginning it is not necessary to rent a big space: 10-20 sq.m. is the best option.

In order to arrange the office you will need a PC, a table, a showcase to demonstrate printers and CISS, where ink and photographic paper will be displayed. Leave a space for advertising materials (a flag, posters), a space for CISS installation (e.g. a small table) and there should be a stock place for keeping printers with CISS and CISS (from 1.5 to 3 sq.m.)

You should take into consideration the ways to attract new customers when choosing the location. For example, if your office is situated in a crowdy street, than hanging a banner on the building front will be necessary (the banner is produced by INKSYSTEM company free of charge.) If you are aside from a busy street than it is necessary to choose an appropriate place for putting a pillar. The easier it is for people to learn about you the more potential customers you get!

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Advertising.  Customers should be informed that you sell printers with CISS! That is why the first few months should be devoted to find new customers. Due to the advertising by INKSYSTEM company a certain percent of clients will find you through the web site, some part of them will reach you through the printed advertisement from INKSYSTEM™. There will be your contact information (posters, name cards, etc.) But other ways to attract and get new customers are important too. You will learn about these ways during the training in section “Marketing”.

Staff. At the beginning one person is quite enough to work with clients. A lot of attention should be paid to the choice of such an employee.Especially important for this person is to be technically competent, to understand and learn  easily about CISS and the other INKSYSTEM™ product types. He/she should also be sociable, polite, should possess good communication skills to work with clients and should be ambitious enough to earn higher salary. If a client does not like the service in your office he will not return. On the other hand, if the client appreciates not only the quality of the product but also the service he got from you, he will likely become a regular customer (patron) and will necessarily give reference regarding you to his friends. This is the most efficient advertisement!

First steps with INKSYSTEM

Step 1.
It is necessary to choose the concept which corresponds your aims and prospects best. INKSYSTEM offers you several high margin business ideas that you can advance in some time. Besides you can add relative directions in your Representative Office.

For example ink-let printers with CISS sales is your main business activity. You can also open a photo-studio in the office which will promote you and attract new customers for CISS as a printed image is a really effective advertisement. As an option you could also produce plastic discount cards and receive additional profits in the framework of the Representative Office.

Step 2. You should fill in a new partners application form. Our managers will contact you and provide you with all the details concerning schedule, procedure. You will prepare everything necessary for the launch of INKSYSTEM™ CISS-business (premises, furniture, finance, staff, etc.)

Step 3. The only thing left is to complete trainings, to conclude an agreement and to start selling and earning!

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