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An ink-jet printer with CISS. Excellent quality, huge saving.

Core of Business


The business deals with selling high quality brand new EPSON printers supplied with CISS or compatible cartridges, and also other consumables.

The core of the possible profit lies in the ensemble of these components.

It's very seldom that companies offer the customers a comprehensive service. That is not to make them find printers and consumables in different places all the time.

At the same time these companies do not let themselves to earn not hundreds, but thousands and thousands more offering consumables range only.You may already deal with the sales market of CISS and ink or think of investment opportunities only, cooperation with INKSYSTEM can be based on any of these concepts. Top questions are:


That could be obvious: the more you invest, the more you earn. The only difference is in figures.


We offer cooperation for different types of business, whether it is already existing and you want to increase profit with a win-win or you just start up.

- For the companies that already sell printes in their region

You have an electronics supermarket or sell printing machinery in bulk amounts. You can increase your sales net if you add the range of consumables and start selling them together with printers since your customers will save on printing thanks to you.

You will also be satisfied with our dealer's prises for printers as they are really best. And you can gain the net profit of 50% withing 3 months selling printers together with CISS or compatible cartridges purchased with us.

- For the companies that already sell consumables ( CISS, compatible cartridges, ink, photographic paper, etc. )

You have a store of consumables or stationery store and have a wide net of customers. It would be great to add the range of our brand new printers in order to increase your income by times. Why let your customers to waste time searching for a new printer in some supermarket? Why lose the income from selling printing machinery? Combine those two servises and multiply your profit.

- For those who starts up

You are thinking of the proper way to invest. Tired of loosing money with unprofitable projects. Take our experience of more than 7 years of sucsess all over the world. You can find INKSYSTEM dealers in Europe, America, Russia or China. This is a win-win business with a permanent growth. The more you invest, the more you gain.


In terms of cooperation way you can choose of two options:



Each concept is to give an opportunity to become our partner to companies with various capitalization levels. We offer our partners to find a regional dealership and make much effort to create conditions of the most-favored treatment with on of the best franchises

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