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How Much to Invest

It is easy to start your own business with minimal investment with INKSYSTEM company. It is a rather perspective high margin business with no need of much investing. Huge start up capital is not critical.

Considerable profit without considerable investment

The attractiveness of the growing business of printers and printing consumables with INKSYSTEM is that you can receive considerable profit without considerable investment. We have various models of cooperation with INKSYSTEM.

To start business with us you need an amount of about 9,999 - 99,999 USD depending on the profit you are going to get.

In case you already deal with CISS in your region and have a wide net at your sales market, you can start with 9,999 just adding ink-jet printers stock to your assortment. How much will it spread your business?

Let's say investing this amount you buy 150 pcs. of ink-jet printers. Your costs will be about:

- 20,000 - printers purchase ( we recommend to start from 5 best sellers models with the quantity of 30 pcs. per each model ).

- 5,000 will be spent on delivery fees.

- 2,000 you will need for promotion and advertising of your ink-jet printers range.

- 3,000 to supply the printers with CISS and ink range

Selling printers within 3 months you get profit of 50% as soon as their retail price will be 45,000!

Annual Rate of Return ( ROI ) - 340%.

Moreover you earn when you sell our ink, when you effect the non-warranty repairs, when you get new orders thanks to the references of your existing customers, so, you will save on advertising.


If you feel wealthy but would like to do business that brings unpredictable profits you could invest 99,999 USD. And here is the scheme of what will it bring you:

- 60,000 - purchase 500 pcs. of ink-jet printers. ( We suggest to take 8 different models at the quantity of 62 pcs. per each model. )

- 10,000 will be spent on delivery fees.

- 10,000 you will need for promotion and advertising of your ink-jet printers range.

- 10,000 will be spant on taxes

- 10,000 to purchase consumables ( CISS, compatible cartriges ) separately.

Since the recommended retail price will be 150 000 USD. The price you will sale your consumables will be 30 000 USD. Thus we get 180 000 in total. In three months!

Annual Rate of Return ( ROI ) - 540%.

If you live in the country with the population of aroung 40 million people potential annual income will be  5 000 000 USD. You must realize that investing of 10 000 USD it is rather difficult to get 25 000 USD net profit monthly. To build up business with a small start up capital makes sence only for the first order, when the enterpreneur is not completely sure to invest and wants to “give it a try”, or when the new business is an aditional but not the core one for your company.

Minimal start-up capital from 9 999 USD

Recommended retail prices allow margins to 150 per cent and more


Those who want to invest in growth and to earn thousands rather than hundreds of dollars monthly should follow concept 1 or 2 – INKSYSTEM National Partner or INKSYSTEM Exclusive Partner.

The “entrance ticket” or  startup capital costs is about 9,999 USD to 99,999 USD correspondingly. However, besides the considerable reduction of  procurement prices the enterpreneur receives a number of other advantages: trade credit, additional advertising, availability of wholesale etc.

Either you are not capable to make such and investment but have your own sales net and feel strength to try up, you can do that. But you should be aware that your earnings will decrease in the proportion with your investment  as  dealer's prices depend on that.

So it is definitely worth to invest and start the good business today to receive top profits in future. What we offer is one of the best franchises for sale these days.

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