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Usually the recoupment period of printers business (product+rent+salaries+start-up investments) are rather short – from 3 to 7 months that is fast even for growing business sectors. This depends mainly on the enterpreneur’s activity and ability to deal with the business and to a smaller extenе it depends on the area, location of selling spot and local advertisement.

The scheme of receiving profit looks like this: cooperation begins, you are starting the business franchise and receive procurement prices from the head office that let your earn 100 per cent margin from retail sales; you approach zero, and then you start gaining profit.

Further, gradually you increase your sales and at the same time you search for resellers in your town, or you open your own new selling spot. After reaching a certain turnover amount you can apply a procurement discount. Now you earn more from your own sales and from the resellers.

You continue to increase your sales, conclude agreements with 3-5 shops in your town and region thus finally reaching the sales amount appropriate for the exclusive partner status. From now you receive lower procurement prices from the head office for all the goods, as well as the higher profitability for yourself (150 per cent from your retail sales, approximately 40-50 USD for each item) and a good profitability from each reseller (about 50 per cent of the wholesale margin) plus a trade credit and a possibility to control representative offices in your region. On the whole, those who work hard reach the next level in half a year or in a year, or even earlier by investing more into the product and the regional advertising.

Average recoupment period of your investment: from three to seven months

The company is interested in sales groth and we help our partners in many ways on each stage of his development. We are ready to grant INKSYSTEM partners better prices as they reach greater turnover, thus, we help them to earn more. The question is whether you are ready to work hard to earn more.

The company has negative examples when representative offices closed, but this happened approximately in the proportion 5 to 100. For instance, according to statistics out of 100 new small-scale enterprises 80 close down during the first three years. As a result the proportion 5:80 is in the favor of printers market and INKSYSTEM company and makes it on of the most competitive business opportunities on the market.

Such development is caused by the growing demand for Inkjet printer + CISS and the right strategy of INKSYSTEM company in terms of cooperation with partners and by the partners’ service level and treatment for the customers.

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